Downtown Clayton Wayfinding Signage

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University of Missouri - St. Louis (UMSL)
Route 115 (between Hanley and Lucas Hunt)

  1. Completed, April 2016

    The road is locally known as Natural Bridge Road, Natural Bridge Avenue and Salisbury Street. It is one of two Missouri Highways that has an odd-numbered designation, yet runs in an east to west direction.

Kingshighway Bridge Replacement

The 75-year-old Kingshighway bridge between Southwest/Vandeventer and Shaw Blvd closed on July 6, 2015 for reconstruction.  The closure will last approximately 2 years.

Link:  Kingshighway Bridge FAQ

Eads Bridge Rehabilitation

L‹ink: Eads Bridge Rehab

  1. The Bi-State Development Agency provided an update today on the status of the first comprehensive, full-scale rehabilitation of the truss and supporting superstructure of the historic Eads Bridge.

    The $40.2 million project is needed to upgrade the bridge and preserve a critical piece of the region's $1.8 billion transit infrastructure so it can continue to serve future generations.

    The project is 50 percent completed with the north side of the bridge structure refurbished. The focus of the work now shifts to the south side of this national landmark.